So, what is this site about?

I'm sure most of you might be unaware of what the Seasonal Anime Checkup is and why I'm making such a hubbub about it becoming its own site. Let me firstly introduce myself. Hi, I’m Jared, and I run the Seasonal Anime Checkup podcast and now website. If you’ve listened to the podcast previously, then you probably know my voice, or if you’ve listened to any of the other podcasts on the MarkOutDarkOut Network, or if you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos. Cheap plugs aside, you might know me; you might not, but let’s get down to the basics.

I first started the Seasonal Anime Checkup as a podcast to talk about different shows that I really liked that had been airing currently. At the time, I was a year in to reemerging myself back into watching anime after a 10 year or so hiatus. After starting the podcast, Mark Out When It’s Dark Out, with my best friend Chris of, one of the things we were going to talk about on there was anime. As time passed, anime talk was rarely seen on the podcast, so I decided to branch out. With help from my then girlfriend at the time, the Seasonal Anime Checkup was launched in early 2014 as a podcast to talk about that season’s anime shows.

The idea behind doing the podcast only 4 times a year was something I thought would be different enough to set it apart from Mark Out When It’s Dark Out, and to help me as well not become burnt out on talking about anime. Overall, I’ve been happy with the way the podcast worked out over the past year. After wrapping up recording on episode 4 though, I found myself wanting to do more than what the quarterly restrictions would allow me to do. That is where the idea for this site formed. While, I’m not saying that there will be weekly updates, thanks in part to a busy semester I’m having currently, I want to have a place where I or anyone else can feel free to express what their thinking about shows airing currently or something they’re watching that is out of air.

Hopefully you find the content that is put out from this site and the podcast to be informative, enjoyable, and most of all, entertaining. If you have any further questions that I might not have answered in this post, feel free to email me at: Or leave a comment below! Thanks for checking out the Seasonal Anime Checkup and I hope you come back for what is to come!