A Preview of Things to Come

Hi there! Sorry for the delay in between posts, it's been quite hectic for me over the past month. Just finished up another semester of college and am now on summer break, which gives me ample time to devote back to the site. One of the things I'm going to introduce to the site over the summer, is a new feature called, "Does It Hold Up?" where I go back to my childhood and see if the animes I watched back then have aged well or poorly. The crux of this is, I'm going to do my best to find the actual dub that I watched back in 1999-2002. Of course, I've already run into a slight miscalculation with the first show I'm using for this, as I'm hearing the international dub instead of the American dub. This does give me the full run of episodes though, so it's not too bad. For a sneak preview of the first show of this feature, let's check out the American opening to this show.

If this doesn't scream early 2000s, I don't know what does. Oh boy.

Other than that, we will have a new episode of the Seasonal Anime Checkup podcast running in June after the Spring season wraps up. There may be a new feature added to that, or just an audio version of Does It Hold Up. It really depends on how I brand it. Also, there may also be a secondary podcast in the works with astartbselect.com's Chris which would be in a similar vain to Does It Hold Up, but for a first time viewer.  I also am hoping to have some more game writings up over the summer as well.

By the way, thanks to all of you that have listened to the 5th episode of the Seasonal Anime Checkup podcast, which now has a combined 100+ listens across all platforms! Holy crap that is insane! You guys all rock! Thanks for your support everyone and I'll see you back here soon with some new content!