The Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA Podcast on Patreon


Today we have announced that the Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA podcast is now becoming a Patreon-supported podcast. As I am sure there are questions involved with such an announcement, I am writing this to try and clear the air and be as transparent as possible in regards to what is happening. First and foremost, nothing about the podcast will change in regards to how it is edited, recorded, worked on, released, or distributed. Each new episode will still be available every Saturday at 12 PM EST as it has been since we decided to release episodes weekly. If you read through our Patreon page, you will see that Patrons will be able to listen to the podcast early, but it is in an unedited and unfinished form. What that means is that the podcast will be spliced together in a way that is synced between mine and Anne Ladyem’s audio and then exported into a file to be put on Patreon. No theme music, censorship edits, or trimming to make it a tighter and more concise episode will be included. This is meant for people who are interested in a topic we are talking about and would like to hear what we have to say early instead of waiting for Saturday. I would like to reiterate that it is not a finished version of the podcast and is not representative of what would be released Saturday, but this way we are able to give back to people who have supported us as a way to give them an early look at what we will talk about.


Considering that the Patreon is just for the podcast only, it will not have anything to do with this site in particular, outside of our first goal which is to pay for hosting the podcast. That would include paying for the hosting of the website itself, but the podcast is the main source of traffic for the website. There will be no extra website content on the Patreon, which means Patrons will not get new columns or reviews early, or access to the mainline Seasonal Anime Checkup podcast early either. Those will stay on this website and be released at the same time for everyone. As I mentioned earlier, being on Patreon is not going to change how the podcast is done, and we want to also say that if you are unable to support via Patreon, that is completely okay and perfectly understandable. We are absolutely thrilled with everyone’s support thus far with the podcast and greatly appreciate it. If you are feeling generous and want to support, great! If you can only spare a single dollar, great! If you can’t and just want to continue listening each week or when we have a topic you enjoy, great! We love doing this podcast and essentially want a way to make it viable financially for us, but also more viable for the people who support us, hence the Patreon. If there are any new questions that might arise that were not addressed in this post, please leave a comment below, email, or get ahold of us on twitter @animecheckup. Thank you everyone for your support so far and we hope to continue to create content that you will like and find as fascinating as we have.

Jared and Anne Ladyem