From Baby Steps to the Pinnacle of Sports Anime

When I booted up Yakuza 5 for the first time earlier this week, I expected features that were already widely known. Being able to go into a Club Sega and play Virtua Fighter 2 was one that the game features unlike most other open-world games in the genre. It is also a sad commentary that this might be the last time we see a Virtua Fighter game in a Sega release ever, but that’s a different story for another time. One fact of Yakuza 5 that I certainly wasn’t expecting was it for to have the licenses for numerous popular magazines in Japan. Immediately I was drawn to seeing Weekly Famitsu, the popular video game magazine that was once notorious for the strict reviews it gave games. Another magazine that caught my eye, especially its cover, was of Weekly Shonen Magazine. On the in-game cover is a big feature on Fairy Tail, but in the corner I spied what looked like Baby Steps’ Eiichiro and Natsu. 

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