Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA Episode #15 - Danganronpa Retrospective

Jared and Anne Ladyem ( get to talk about a game that Jared got Anne Ladyem into?! We talk at length about Danganronpa, Danganronpa 2, and Danganronpa Another Episode, while briefly talking about Danganronpa V3 with no spoilers. There are spoilers for the other three games so be careful! As with other retrospective episodes, we also have development information for you to give an inside look at how these games were made and what decisions came to be. Also, follow our new twitter (@animecheckup)!


Gamasutra Interview with Yoshinori Terasawa

Niche Gamer Interview with Kazutaka Kodaka

US Gamer Interview with Kazutaka Kodaka

Anime News Network Interview with Kazutaka Kodaka

Interview with Terasawa and Eishiro (Ace Attorney Producer)